Scott Huff
Huff & Stapes

A married, future father of three... if his wife (his high school sweetheart) gets her way. Huff loves tequila, gambling, and a good boxing match, but spends his Saturday nights watching 48 Hours Mysteries on his couch from Jennifer Convertibles (it's convertible in case the in laws need to spend the night). Huff has hosted two television shows, and five Top-10 iTunes podcasts, and currently has two shows on satellite radio: Playboy Fantasy Football and of course, Huff & Stapes right here on the Toad Hop Network and Extreme XM 165. He works full time as a "creative executive" at a film and TV production company, where he's developed the shows, "Make me another cup of coffee, please" and "We're out of toner: Go to Staples." Huff drives a Prius. Huff is a Jew.
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