Josh Macuga
Three's 2 Much

Josh Macuga, yes THAT Josh Macuga, is a comedian who was forged in the Steel Mills of upper middle class Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and raised by his Mom and Dad who love him very much.  He loves Journey and whiskey, hates commitment and long term relationships and is allergic to most everything, except peanut butter milkshakes.  More than likely he'll be president in 2036 running on the platform to lower the drinking age to 16, make Van Halen's 'Dance The Night Away' the National Anthem and striking Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull from the annals of history.  He's the host of Three's 2 Much with the strikingly beautiful and hilarious, Justine Marino, and the dashing, gut-buster, Mark Ellis.  So tune into Three's 2 Much, to get your Josh Macuga fix and if you're looking for a guy who's not marriage material... well you know what to do.
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