Jayden Jaymes
Sex Squad

Before venturing into the world of porn, Jaymes graduated at the top of her high school class in 2003 and went on to work various office jobs while attending college at night, and soon found herself dabbling in erotic modeling in 2004, which allowed her to make more money without having to work all day everyday to pay for schooling. Casual modeling led to exotic dancing, which soon led to a curiosity of adult films. Jaymes says that she always saw adult film stars as "beautiful, glamorous, and in control of their sex lives" and wanted to know more. Through a number of contacts, Jaymes set of various meetings with leading industry directors, producers, agents and even porn actresses to gather information, and performed in her first movie in November of 2006. Jaymes soon received her associates degree in business and decided that, if she was going to maintain the respect of those around her, she would always remind herself that the adult film industry was in fact a business venture. With business on her mind, she quickly skyrocketed her name to the top with the help of her dangerous curves, ferocious attitude, and eager sex drive. She was featured in an episode of MTV's 'True Life' in a segment entitled 'I'm Addicted To Porn', although she has stressed that that was NOT the original title that she signed up for, and she was disappointed on how she and her family were treated by the cameramen and producer, and says, "They edited the footage to make me look miserable and desperate for acceptance. I'm very happy, and my family is very supportive of my decisions and love me very much." Jaymes has gone on to win several awards for her performances, traveled around the world for promotional appearances, has made cameos in mainstream films, and continues to push her boundaries and her brain to prove to the world, as she says, "Just because I like sex and made the decision to do it on camera for the world to see, doesn't mean I can't do anything else." In 2009, Jaymes partnered with friends to launch an internet porn star network, a website hosting the personal websites of multiple adult film starlets. She currently shoots exclusively for her website, continues to travel around the world for business and pleasure, and says that she's nowhere near done with her career and claims to be working on several new projects, in and outside of the adult entertainment industry.
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