Ed Monks
Pauly and Monks

Ed "Monks" Marco categorizes himself as a scholar/entertainer (read: "Nerd!"). As an undergrad, he studied engineering at M.I.T. where "We literally talked in numbers! And the best part is nobody thought it was weird!" He also earned two Master's degrees (UC Berkeley, Loyola Marymount), in fields that have nothing to do with entertainment. Monks captured the hearts of fans with his quick comebacks, inquisitive nature, and sensitive demeanor as co-host of "Hello Pauly" (LATalkRadio.com and iTunes). Monks loves being on TwittaInstaFace (@HelloMonks) because he gets to interact with fans all over the country and world, including Canada, France, Singapore, Dubai, and Malta (which he had to look up!). He comments, "It gives our fans a voice, and I love hearing from them directly!" Monks can't pick a favorite celebrity guest; however, he was very fond of interviewing James and Jaymes (CBS's "Amazing Race," Chippendales). Monks quips, "They were hot, and they were shirtless!" He looks forward to many more "hot" and "shirtless" moments on "Pauly and Monks." Monks can't decide what he loves more: being on the radio or being on the road. Ed concedes, "I just like to keep busy. Real busy!" In the past few months alone, Monks and Pauly have hosted, announced, and/or promoted events (Long Beach Pride, Palm Springs Pride), film festivals (Outfest, L.A. Greek), and fundraisers (AIDS LifeCycle, Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure).

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