Podcasting on the iPhone
Due to the limitations of the iPhone, you cannot natively subscribe to podcasts or update podcasts directly on the iPhone.

There are third-party apps in the App Store that are free and others available for purchase. These apps will allow you to subscribe to podcasts and download the clips to your iPhone without the use of a computer. You can then listen to the clips through those apps.
To subscribe to a podcast with a third-party app:
One app that allows you to subscribe to podcasts directly on your iPhone is the free app RSS Radio. This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad and requires iOS 7.0 or later. Below are instructions for subscribing to podcasts using this app. The instructions may vary if you use a different third-party app.
  1. Install RSS Radio from the App Store from this link https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rssradio-ios7-edition/id679025359?mt=8.
  2. Open your iPhone's web browser and go to http://toadhopnetwork.com/mobile/podcast.jsp.
  3. Tap the text box that contains the link to the podcast feed. This should put the cursor in that textbox.
  4. Touch and hold your finger in that same text box until the magnifying glass pops up, then release. A popup should appear with a few options on it. Tap "Select All."
  5. With the entire podcast feed url selected, there should be another popup with other options. Click "Copy."
  6. Hit the Home button to exit the web browser. Then open up RSS Radio app.
  7. In RSS Radio, click "Subscribe Now" and click "More..."
  8. Click "Enter the URL Manually."
  9. Tap again in the text box to bring up a popup with some options. Click "Select all" and tap again to select "Paste." Then, click "Go."
  10. Click "Subscribe" to subscribe to the podcast.
  11. Your podcasts should be displaying. Click "Start Downloads" to begin downloading the most recent podcast. If you are connected to wi-fi, they may have already downloaded automatically.
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